October 10, 2012

Ten on Ten: October 2012

6-EARLY start

7-favorite scarf

8-Let's go get some breakfast!


9-Bible study welcome


10-studying Philemon; blessed to sit at the table today with some awesome, Godly women!

11-blurry, but they were SO excited to see me :) 

 12-beautiful day

1-ham & cheese and Parenthood and tissues

2-making a dress

3-laundry, unfolded

Happy Ten on Ten!

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  1. What a lovely day! I love the "blury but excited" picture!

    (participating from... BRAZIL!)

  2. OK...there are so many things to say!!! #1...you are so cute. #2...those two little ones scurrying out for breakfast makes me smile!! #3...Love you blog background (I have it, too. hehe!!) and #4...Parenthood!!! So glad the season is in full swing. Still have to watch last night's show!!

  3. love their halloween outfits. I remember the days of folded laundry being thrown around the room, you will miss those days!! ;)

  4. This is wonderful - what a great front porch you have... Favorite pick... the twins crawling full speed ahead in the striped pj's. How great!

  5. Awwww, "let's go get some breakfast" is adorable.
    You and your scarf are beautiful.
    Parenthood and tissues...definitely!
    Great day!

  6. I love them crawling out of the room for breakfast. What cuties!

  7. What a fun blog you have! And TWINS! :) Love it. Glad for you that you get to feed your soul with the women in your life, too. What a blessing! BTW, I saw that you read Carolyn Mahaney and her girls. Me, too! Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for such a sweet 10 on 10!

  8. What cute little outfits the twins have!!