March 31, 2012

Pinterest Eats: CCC Pie

I found a recipe for "the best cookie cake ever" on the beloved Pinterest the other day. I was pin-spired (thanks, Brooke) to make my own version this afternoon.

I followed this recipe : M&M Cookie Pie

Since I did not have any M&M's on hand, I gathered all of the opened bags of semisweet chocolate chips I could find in my pantry (the total would be 4, I mean, because who has an inability to use up one bag of chocolate chips before opening another one? I do. Apparently.)
Any who...I dumped all of those chips into the batter and popped this beauty in the oven.

25 minutes later this was what I had!

I made a gallon of lemonade to go along with the pie. Thanks to many summers at FBCC vacation Bible school, I crave lemonade when I have homemade chocolate chip cookies.

My pie is on the gooey side because that's how I roll. If you want less goo, bake for a little longer.

I'm sure some vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup would be a great addition.

BTW, there's a considerably larger missing section of the pie now...

March 29, 2012

Embrace the Camera 03-29.


After lunch the girls enjoy hanging out in their high chairs and looking out the window.  Holland thoroughly enjoyed her peaches.  I should have left the evidence on her nose for this photo!

March 20, 2012

10 on 10: March.

Oh not the tenth at all. Oops.
This month's 10 on 10 is brought to you by the number 11 because I totally forgot to take pictures on the tenth! (and I totally forgot to publish this post!)

11-ish sermon

12-ish NCAA basketball
1-ish hanging out with Dude
2-ish Tis the season
3-ish A new approach to cleaning
4-ish June is my cleaning helper
5-ish Bouncing in the dark
6-ish relaxing

March 8, 2012

Embrace the camera 03-08.

June and me :)

There's something about a naked baby that I just love.  That silky soft skin is so sweet!  I won't lie--the girls and I spend a good amount of time making faces into the mirror in their room.
So fun.