September 26, 2012

Crafts Lately.

Monster Bib for Henry Q.'s birthday party!

My cousins Davis and Ashley have a little boy named Henry who was born one week before the girls.  His birthday party was monster themed.  I had seen this bib and thought it would be perfect for HQ to wear at the party! 
The party was SO much fun.  Ashley (and Davis) had everything looking super cute and monstery!

Fringe Scarf from a t-shirt

I think this turned out ok.  I used a t-shirt that I had worn when I was pregna-saurus with the girls, so it was pretty stretched out.  Also it had a design on it that can kinda be seen which I equally like and dislike. 

"O Come Let Us Adore Him"

This was a fun afternoon craft Noele and I did.  It was pretty easy. 
1. Glue torn magazine pages onto a canvas in colors of your liking.
2. Use vinyl letters (from hardware store) to spell out what you want to say.
3. Paint over the entire canvas.  (I wish I had not done my paint as thick so that some of the colors on the paper under it would show through.)
4. WHEN IT DRIES gently peel off the vinyl letters.

Noele and I chose to spray ours with a glittery topcoat.  Because who doesn't love glitter?

Love sign

I saw this and immediately loved it!  Steve built this shelf for me a few weeks ago, so I needed something to put on it.  I love mustard yellow and have recently painted my end tables in the den that color.  I used a piece of scrap wood from my father-in-law and two colors of stain for board.  I then free-handed the heart and "love" with a small paintbrush.

I think it looks great up there with the pictures of those precious babies. :)