July 16, 2012


Stuff.  I love stuff. 

The problem is, it's everywhere.  Closets, shelves, under beds (ugh), desk-tops, the floor...everywhere.  I constantly feel that I need to clean out a closet.  Or the laundry room/storage room/dungeon.  I feel guilty.  And sad.  So much of the stuff we have is unnecessary. 

But, as I said, I LOVE stuff.  I attach sentimentality to stuff: a scarf from my grandmother's house (even though I can't remember her ever wearing it), the earrings I was wearing when Steve proposed (that's ridiculous, I know), books that I read and loved as a child/teen/single lady.  T-shirts from this and that and that and that.

And now the girls' stuff.  Geezy Petes...I need a whole "nother" room just to hold the stuff that I am already attached to.

So, I'm convicted.  Completely, utterly undone over this heaping pile of stuff in my life.  Stuff that I spend my time on; stuff that piles up and collects dust on our bookshelves; stuff that hides in the dark corners of the closets. 

I came across a blog today through a friend of a friend, and there was this post:

Jamie Sets Me Right.

Hmmm....I told Steve just last week that I realized I had a Mary/Martha complex.  I want to spend time reading and studying my Bible, but I cannot stop with the chores--the cleaning, organizing, putting away of the stuff, if you will.  I won't allow myself to sit down and work on my Precepts study if there are dirty dishes in the sink.  I feel like I need the dishes to be done. I need to sweep.  I need to mop up the smashed pieces of sweet potato.  (Though not so much on the laundry...)  {I fully acknowledge that the aforementioned chores are 100% necessary in keeping a house that is hygienically appropriate for living.}

I need to check Facebook.  I need to read Twitter.  I need to look at Instagram. 

Hmmm...now, let me be clear.  I can lose my iPhone for several hours at a time and not even notice.  The level of need is most definitely different regarding chores and techie toys, for me.  BUT when I sit down to eat lunch or have a few minutes to myself while the girls are napping, I find myself swiping that screen and getting lost in Pinterest-land. 

So, many of those needs are wants.  I want beautiful pictures of my girls.  I want to DIY my entire house/wardrobe/life.  I want Christmas decorations in July.  I want to sew sew sew.  But really, what matters?  That my girls look back and their lives and say, "Wow, Mom, super job on taking that lovely picture of us when we were 10 months and 3 days old.  Glad you didn't miss documenting that!" Or, that my girls are clothed with the Spirit because their mother taught them Scriptures and lived a life of a godly wife and mother...

So, I'm thinking about reading this book and semi-taking the challenge.  I'm not good at finishing projects that I start.  I'm not good at "extreme" living.  I think some things that people are extreme about are kind of ridiculous.  I think some of the things listed in this book are extreme and ridiculous.  But maybe that's the point.  Maybe the stuff in my life that I allow to take my time away from getting to know my Creator is ridiculous.   I read one of those super cheesy quote pages not too long ago that said, "If you don't have time to pray and read scriptures, you are way busier that God ever intended you to be."  Cheesy? Maybe.  True?  Yep.

I'm just being real.  I am sure this all sounds ridiculous to some people.  It seems kind of ridiculous to me.  But, I'm going to be ridiculous.  Maybe it will be a life-changing event for me. 

July 12, 2012

Ten on Ten: July 2012

starting the day.

always a list.

pinterest project.

chatting with the girls.

packing it up.

cookies n cream.

crazy thumb.

much needed outing.

farmers' market.

lovely discovery.

messy eaters.

ten on ten button

July 4, 2012

Iced Coffee.

Today while the girls were napping, I headed to the coffee pot for my afternoon date.  I wasn't really in the mood for hot coffee, so I decided to experiment with some iced coffee.  I like to drink my hot coffee black.  Occasionally I will buy some frilly something to mix in, but usually straight out of the pot is how I take it.

When it comes to iced coffee, I'd rather have something sweeter.   After filling my glass with ice, I filled the glass 3/4 of the way with the coffee from the pot. (Yes, this coffee was leftover from this morning. Yes, I'm sure that's gross, but that's just how it is at my house.) I then topped it off with milk and stirred.  It was good, but I wanted some flavor in it.  I dug out (don't judge) the powered sugar.  I wanted sweet, but not regular sugar sweet.  A few shakes and stirs later...delicious!

Now, I was already thinking of an icing recipe to top my chocolate cupcakes I made for dinner at Mom and Dad's.  The powered sugar made me think of petit fours.  (Last August the Duke girls met at my Aunt Lori's and spent the morning making petit fours.  It was a blast.  I was a whale, btw.)  Anyway, I got out the Almond extract.  Did you know that's what gives petit fours their flavor? I added barely a dash--didn't want to overdo it!  It tastes so good!


And, yes I am wearing red, white, and blue.  I'm nerdy cool like that.