June 11, 2012

Ten on Ten: June 2012

Once again, I forgot that yesterday was the tenth...
Here's my 10 on 10 (on the 11th)

 10-ish: waiting to see Dr. Meyers for 9 month check-ups

11-ish: weighing in (H: 16, 11 (right); J: 16, 14 (left))

12-ish: cruising with my honey and Billy

1-ish: rehydration (and a cookie)

 2-ish: rosebud

(another) 2-ish: enter to find (kinda) sleeping babies 

3-ish: friends

4-ish: found something I want

6-ish: car seat shopping

8-ish: yes, I will have an unhealthy supper followed by an unhealthy dessert, thankyouverymuch

9-ish: storms coming

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