June 18, 2012

A Monday letter.

Dear Sergio Ramos, I really like your haircut. I mean, I liked your long hair too, and your cute headband, but this short hair is good.

Dear Kay Arthur, you are wearing me out in this study of Genesis. I'm sure if I worked on it day by day instead of cramming a week's worth of work into a few hours I wouldn't be so stressed. I'll try to do better.

Dear Amazon, thank you for suggesting I try the Cloud reader app for Kindle. Next time, can you make it work? That little circle is still going round and round...

Dear girls, thank you for finally learning the joy of an afternoon nap. Let's work on making it last more than an hour. And enough with the dirty diapers.

Dear summer, thank you for feeling more like a warm Spring day. And that bright blue sky was pretty nice too.


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