April 16, 2012

Seven months.

Holland has 2 teeth, scoots around all over the room on her belly, and talks up a storm. She often says "ba-ba" and "da-da" with an occasional "ma-ma" in there. She is CONSTANTLY moving!

June has 1 tooth, is content to lie on her stomach, and also talks quite a bit. She also says "ba-ba" and "da-da" with some other sounds mixed in there. She makes these sweet noises usually when we're in the car or on a walk. We call it singing. She will lie on her tummy and kick her legs so hard. I think she thinks she's going somewhere!

The girls are growing so much! I know they weigh over 15 pounds each. Their legs hang over the ends of the car seats which makes the in-line stroller a little crowded these days. They eat baby food in their high chairs-- usually a messy adventure.

They are great babies on the go. We go lots of places, and they are usually pretty calm. They love to smile at people who pay attention to them.

We have to referee now when both of them are down on the floor. They are constantly rolling over one another, grabbing each other's ears, or grabbing each other's faces.

Being outside is probably their favorite. This past Saturday we spent the morning walking around Brick Streets with Tee-Tee and the afternoon at the Hillcrest baseball games. They loved it. And they both got their first tastes of grass!

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