July 16, 2011

Photography Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Long exposure

I admit that I had to read up on how to create a long exposure photo.  I have this fancy schmancy camera that Steve gave me, but I am terrible about knowing how to work it outside of the "full auto" mode.
After several tutorials and one You Tube video of some rave kid taking photos of his glow sticks with techno playing in the background, I felt ready to conquer today's photo challenge.
I started with my Light Bright lamp.  I thought I could do something neat....it didn't really work out.

So then I thought about my iPhone...techno kid had a glow stick...I needed something that would glow.  Eh, it's ok.
Finally I got Steve's mini flashlight and had a grand time writing my name furiously when the shutter clicked open.  This brought back great memories of spending the 4th of July at my Nanny and Papa's house.  We would always use sparklers to write our names or draw pictures while humming "Stars and Stripes Forever."  Good times.


  1. so cool! of course, i have no idea how to do this either, nor any clue if my camera can even create long exposure. what were your sources?

  2. I have no idea what site I was on....I just Googled it! I had to put my camera on a special setting....which at this moment I could not even recall. I'm terrible at using my fancy camera.