February 1, 2013

Pinterest Eats::Banana Egg-cakes

So, we eat a serious amount of bananas at the Taylor house.  At least one a day.  I came across this pin on Pinterest a few days ago.  We had some bananas that were on their last legs.  I had already made banana muffins earlier in the week, so we needed a new option.
I decided this would be a great way to finish them off. 

Now, my end product looked nothing like the one I saw on Pinterest, but the girls LOVED this. 
Looking at the actual pin-there is no link to a recipe-I suspect that there might be some flour or something involved.  They look more like a pancake than mine did.  I may have had my skillet too hot though...this is a serious problem that I have-my grilled cheese is abysmal.

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